Australian Ribs

Pork ribs… is there any dining experience quite like it? When else do you get to wear a bib, eagerly chew meat off a bone, use only your hands and get comfortably smothered in smoky BBQ sauce?

However, not all of the pork ribs sold in cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs are Australian. In fact, some ribs you’re eating may even have travelled from Europe, processed on Pacific Islands and then kept on a shelf for up to two years.

These ribs are able to enter Australia, despite our strict import rules, by being ultra-heat treated. They are basically sterilised in the pack and then sold on to dining outlets and even into supermarkets.

From October – December 2017, Australian Pork are running a campaign called Don’t Get Ribbed Off, to raise awareness of the issue of imported pork ribs, and help identify the restaurants who are doing the right thing and serving delicious Aussie ribs. You can check it out here  

When you order Australian ribs, you’re helping our Australian pig farmers. It has been estimated that imported pork has caused a loss of up to $80 million dollars for Aussie farmers just in the past year.

Don’t worry, all fresh pork you buy in the supermarket or from you butcher is still guaranteed to be Australian. Look for the pink PorkMark on pack or in cafes and restaurants to be sure the pork you’re eating is of the highest Australian standards. You can find out more about the PorkMark here

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Below is a list of outlets that are committed to serving only Australian pork.

Show them your support when you’re next dining out.