Pork Cuts Chart

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Leg Roast

1-2 Leg Roast.jpg

Forequarter Roast

1-4 Roast-Front.jpg

U.S Style Spare Ribs

American Ribs.jpg

Scotch Fillet Roast

Boneless Netted Collar Butt.jpg

Butterfly Steak

Butterfly Steaks On Plate MC.jpg


Cutlets on plate MC.jpg


Diced on plate MC.jpg

Easy Carve Leg Roast

Easy Carve Shldr Roast.jpg

Easy Carve Shoulder

Easy Carve Shoulder Roast faced.jpg

Forequarter Chops

FQ chops.jpg


Hock updated.jpg

Leg Steaks

KNK Leg Steak on plate MC.jpg

Mini Roast

Knuckle 4310.jpg

Rolled Loin

Loin Roast Short 4343.jpg

Loin Steaks

Loin Steaks on plate MC.jpg


Mince on plate MC.jpg

Spare Ribs

Op1-3 Belly Strips.jpg


Pork Belly-Bone in.jpg

Loin Rack

Rack Roast.jpg

Loin Chop

Rindless Loin Chop on plate MC.jpg

Rolled Belly

Rolled Belly.jpg

Scotch Fillet Steak

Scotch Steaks edited.jpg

Stir Fry Strips

Strips on plate MC.jpg

Pork Fillet

Tenderloin 4280.jpg