Pork Cuts

The most popular cuts with butchers, chefs and consumers are those that are boneless, rindless and in many cases trimmed of all or most visible fat, allowing for less wastage for the consumer.  These cuts are referred to as modern cuts

Modern cuts generally are derived from slightly larger carcases than traditional cuts roasts and chops), around the 55 to 70kg mark.   There are several advantages for your business in producing modern cuts such as higher profit margins, increased product range and greater control over eating quality by separating muscles, particularly in the leg and forequarters, which vary in terms of eating quality and cooking method.

Research by APL has found that the majority of consumers still prefer modern cuts over traditional for reasons including, less waste, perceived better value for money, improved health benefits, and more suitable portion sizes.

Pork Cuts Chart 2013

Pork Cut Chart