Spag Bol Story

The real taste of Spag Bol: it's Pork and veal


It's official, 6 out of 10 Australian chefs prefer Pork in their Bolognese according to the May 2009 edition of Australian Gourmet Traveller, which asked 60 of Australia's best professional 'kitchen talents' to reveal their secret ingredients for the perfect spaghetti Bolognese.

When the chefs were asked to reveal their secrets, Pork was the overarching champion of choice, with a Pork and veal meat mix the most preferred combination for the best tasting Bolognese.  Among the chefs incorporating Pork into their meat mix were Jacques Reymond, Guy Grossi and Mark Best. Chefs were emphatic in the use of Pork meat as commonsense ingredient for Bolognese.

Spaghetti Bolognaise, spag Bol … or Ragu alla Bolognese, as it is known in its native Italy, has become a favourite Aussie comfort food and a dish that all the family loves. Considering its simplicity to prepare and great flavours it's not surprising that it's one of the most cooked meals at home. Although you could travel the length and breadth of the globe and never have the same Bolognese recipe twice, one thing for sure is that if it comes from the boot of Italy it's bound to have Pork in it - and ideally Pork mince.

And if the proof of the pudding - or the Ragu - is in the eating … trials conducted using Pork and veal mince compared with beef mince in spaghetti Bolognese showed a preference for the taste and texture of Pork and veal.

Pork and veal mince is now available at your supermarket, so get some pork on your spaghetti fork.


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