The PorkMark Explained

The Australian PorkMark Program helps you more clearly identify home-grown, fresh Australian pork. By looking for the distinctive pink Australian PorkMark on Aussie fresh and processed products, it’s never been easier to buy and support Australian.


Why is the Australian grown label important?

All fresh raw pork sold is Australian, however, around 70% of Australia’s processed pork products like ham and bacon are produced from imported pork.  This is because pork that is imported into the country must be cooked at high temperatures prior to being sold.

The majority of Australians have no idea on the country of origin of the pork used in their ham and bacon. The pink PorkMark campaign highlights processed pork products that are made with 100% Australian pork so that consumers can make an informed decision at their local supermarket or butcher.

To be guaranteed that the ham and bacon you’re buying is made from Australian pork look for the words ‘Product of Australia’ or this label:

To find out where to buy Australian, click here.


Origin Labelling Explained

There are currently four label claims used to describe the origin of pork products. These are:

Product of Australia – This is Australian grown and is guaranteed to be made from Australian grown pork.

All of the below have the potential to include imported pork in the ingredients:

Made in Australia – This can be grown and processed in Australia but potentially contains imported meat.

Made from Imported and Local Ingredients – this is most likely to contain predominately imported pork.

Made from Local and Imported Ingredients, which is more likely to be made from Australian grown pork than the above, but is using imported spices or cures and possibly some imported pork. It is important to note that this label will no longer be permitted on packaging as the Country of Origin Labelling begins to roll out. 

These labels will become clearer with the new Country of Origin Labelling. From July 2018 onwards it will be mandatory for all businesses selling food to adhere to this labelling system. Country of Origin requires the manufacturer to state the percentage of Australian ingredients contained in their product as well as list the country of origin on the product label, in a clearly defined box.

You can find out more about Country of Origin Labelling here.