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The majority of ham and bacon sold in Australia is made from imported meat.

For quality Australian bacon and ham, Just Pick Pink.

By choosing ham and bacon made using Australian pork, you’re supporting our farmers. You’re also buying products made from pork raised under some of the highest welfare, safety and environmental standards in the world.

How to buy Aussie bacon and ham

While all the fresh pork you buy (roasts, chops, steaks, fillets etc.) is 100% Australian grown, most ham and bacon in the supermarkets is made using imported pork.

It’s important when choosing your ham, bacon, smallgoods or even some ‘ready meals’ to check the label to make sure the pork is Australian.

It only takes a few simple steps to ensure you’re choosing ham and bacon made using Australian pork.

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Where to buy Aussie bacon and ham

Click the link below and you can find a list of butchers in your area that sell bacon made from Australian pork, as well as major retailers that stock Australian bacon and ham.

You can also contact us if you can’t find a store near you or know a local butcher who isn’t on our list yet.

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