Aussie Ham Awards



The winners of the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards for 2018 have been announced, revealing the very best true-blue hams, including traditional bone-in and boneless options.

A beautiful Australian bone-in ham is the perfect centrepiece for any celebration and they’re now in season!

As people prepare for their Christmas celebrations, choosing the right ham can be a stress point, but the PorkMark Ham awards help take the guess work out of the purchase.

Fleischmeister Horst Schurger teamed up with chefs Simon Bestley and Darren Smith to assess the appearance, taste and aroma of 155 Australian hams from across the country. Click on your state below for a full list of winners.


All bone-in hams are guaranteed to be made from 100% Australian pork, so by choosing a bone-in, you’ll also be supporting our farmers and buying a top-quality product for your Christmas table.

However, more than 75% of ham sold in Australia is made from imported pork, so if you’re buying a boneless ham or sliced ham, look for the pink Australian Pork PorkMark logo or ensure the bar chart on the label says it’s made from at least 90% Australian ingredients.

For more info on how to glaze, carve or store your ham visit our ham hints page. For more info on how to read the labels, visit our Buying Australian page.

Australian PorkMark Ham Award Winners

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