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Cooking Ribs is Easier than You Think


Cooking ribs is easier than you think.

Like I used to, when you think of ribs you probably conjure up an image of hours or days of work, specialised and expensive equipment and complicated, convoluted recipes that are never in metric units.

Lucky for you, Australian Pork have a great range of super quick and super easy rib recipes that you can make in an afternoon in your oven or BBQ. Like so many pork cuts, ribs are enjoyed all over the world so there are so many different styles you can cook them in. From classic American recipes like Kansas City ribs to Thai inspired rib soups. Sure, they’re still going to take a little bit extra time compared to other pork cuts, but the end result is definitely worth the effort and ribs are a perfect entertainer dish coming up to Christmas.

One of my favourites that I cooked recently were the Sticky Chipotle Pork Ribs with Burnt Butter Corn. They were really simple to make, tasted great, used mainly common household ingredients and the corn was a perfect side dish. No cutlery needed! Watch the full video below.

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