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Jade Marschall

Jade Marschall
Rivalea Australia – New South Wales

Jade is the Herd Health Officer for Rivalea Australia. Jade’s time is split between the office, lab and work on-farm getting hands-on with pigs and working with real Aussie farmers.

While she was always drawn to animal science, learning and working within intensive pig production has driven her to pursue a lasting career in the Australian Pork Industry. The dynamic process of pig production means that every day is different and brings new and exciting challenges.

You’ll often find Jade heading out to a farm to address a new disease outbreak and working with local farmers and the Vet Services team to provide the right solution. While she does spend time doing office and lab work, Jade finds her greatest joy from working with farmers on the ground level and seeing the impact that her work has first-hand.

Implementing health projects to improve the health of Aussie pigs motivates her to continue to learn and drive innovation in the industry. She is proud to work in an industry that is leading the nation in the fields of traceability and biosecurity.
Jade’s main passion is the eradication of diseases from Australian pig herds to improve their overall health and welfare. As she says ‘healthy pigs are happy pigs’.