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Next on the Menu: Melissa Clark-Reynolds




Quotes from a movie, lines from a song, snippets of a conversation you have with those around you… There’s something about a soundbite that, if it captures you initially, stays with you forever or at the least, a very long time.

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the sound studio recently recording ‘Next on the Menu’ a podcast which was born out of an idea that our organisation could lead the charge in talking about the future of food.

We enlisted the help of Melissa Clark-Reynolds, a futurist, who is equally passionate about food, sustainability and climate change. She’s incredibly quick to jump onto signals and foresee patterns that help her to advise companies of disruptions, challenges and opportunities.

“This is not the one. This is just a practice run.”

These were confronting words from Melissa when she spoke about COVID-19 to our co-hosts, Andrew ‘Billy’ Baxter, APL Chair and Mitch Edwards, General Manager of Business and Innovation here at APL.

Melissa speaks on her take on the current situation given her training in epidemiology, her picks on what could happen next with alternative proteins and shares some of the recent innovations in the food world. She also shared which social media accounts she follows to stay up-to-date with tech and early predictions.

Make sure you’re following Melissa on Twitter too (@honeybeegeek) as her twitter style can only be described as ‘fast & furious’ – meaning the information doesn’t stop coming (you can thank us later).

To be honest with you, w could have listened to Melissa for hours. Trust us when we say, in this episode of ‘Next on the Menu’ you’ll learn at least three new things. This is a conversation that’s not just relevant for those in the pork industry but anyone that’s interested in food and where things may be heading.

We’re really proud of our most recent project and that’s why we’re sharing it far and wide. We invite you to listen in and would equally, relish any feedback, suggestions or questions you may have. Enjoy!

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