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Pork Cuts Explained: Pork Belly



A classic cut for food trucks, Vietnamese bakeries and gourmet restaurants alike, the pork belly can be prepared in almost endless ways. The high fat content of pork belly makes it great for both slow and fast cooking methods.

But don’t let the word fat put you off, it cooks away, resulting in juicy, flavourful meat. And as a bonus, it’s easy on the wallet!


Pork belly is best suited to…

Pork belly, while often slow-cooked or roasted, can be successfully stir-fried, provided the heat is high and the cooking time short. If you don’t have a heavy-based wok, a heavy-based saucepan is preferable to a light wok for home stoves.

With summer just around the corner, stir-fries are a quick and easy option when you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove all night.

One of our top tips

For crispy-skin pork belly in your stir-fry, sear the belly rind side down before cutting into cubes.

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