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Pork Cuts Explained: Spare Ribs



Pork spare ribs have got to be one of the tastiest cuts of meat there is. We’re sure you’ll all have fond memories of enjoying succulent, tender meat and getting messy with the sticky, delicious glazes that often coat the ribs. But have you tried creating them in your own kitchen yet? A perfect fit for the BBQ, roasted in the oven or slow cooked to perfection… either way, trust us when we say they’re incredibly easy to cook with.

Spare ribs are cut from a section just above the belly and are slightly meatier than belly, but still deliciously rich.

Whether you prefer them layered with marinade, simply seasoned or slow cooked until the meat falls off the bone. We’ve got you covered.

Spare ribs are best suited to…

Spare ribs are often thought of as American but they’re loved all around the world. A cut that’s enjoyed in many cuisines + plenty of different ways to cook them = so many recipe options to choose from! We’ve listed our top three below but for more spare rib recipes, click here.

Got questions? Or a story about pork belly to share? Let us know!

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