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Pork Cuts Explained: The Humble Loin Pork Chop



The pork loin chop has been a staple in many Aussie homes for generations. And we can tell you now, the pork chop is having quite the comeback.

Spotted lately across the menus of some of the trendiest restaurants in the country, the way it’s being enjoyed now is a far cry from how you might remember them. We’re here to help you nail the perfect pork loin chop.


Pork loin chops are best suited to…

It’s starting to feel a lot more like summer and loin chops are perfect for the barbeque or pan-frying. Or, if you’re still working from home, they also work beautifully cooked for a longer amount of time either in a slow cooker or in the oven.

The bone adds extra flavour and helps slow the cooking time, preventing the chop from drying out. Chops can be prepared with rind on or off depending on your preference.

Click below to learn how to barbecue pork loin chops…

Click below to learn how to slow-cook pork loin chops…

One of our top tips

Score the edges of the pork chop (rind side) a few centimetres deep to prevent the chop from curling up when cooking

Got questions? Or a story about the not-so-humble loin chop to share? Let us know!

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