Roast pork fillet Waldorf salad with apple cider dressing

Prep time 10 minutes Cook time 30 minutes

Serves 4 people



  • 1 x 600g pork fillet, trimmed
  • 1 tablespoon lemon pressed olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Crusty bread to serve


  • 2 granny smith apples, cored and diced
  • 3 sticks celery, sliced
  • 2 red delicious apples, thinly sliced
  • 1 red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup walnut halves
  • ¼ cup continental flat parsley


  • ½ cup egg mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup apple cider
  • Freshly ground black pepper


  1. 1.
    Preheat oven to 180°C.
  2. 2.
    Season pork fillet with salt and pepper. Drizzle with lemon oil and place in an ovenproof dish. Roast pork fillet in the preheated oven for 18-20 minutes. Remove and allow the fillet to rest for 10 minutes.
  3. 3.
    In a large bowl, toss together the apples, celery, walnuts, red onion and parsley.
  4. 4.
    In a small bowl whisk together the dressing ingredients until well they are combined.
  5. 5.
    Slice the pork fillet diagonally.
  6. 6.
    Arrange the salad on a large serving platter, top with the roasted pork fillet and drizzle with the dressing.
  7. 7.
    Garnish with cracked black pepper and serve with warm crusty bread.

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