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Rob Bayley

Rob Bayley
Blackwood Piggery – Victoria

For fifth generation farmer Rob Bayley, the diversity of opportunity in agriculture has a bright future for younger generations. In fact, it was his interest in agribusiness that brought him back to manage Blackwood Piggery which was originally established by his father in the 1980’s. Rob’s eye for numbers and efficiency measures has brought new modern farming methods to the West Gippsland piggery.

Rapid urbanization of the area since the 1980’s has challenged farming and expansion, so the piggery has had to adapt to the environment around it.

A long way from grain growing regions, Rob utilizes the steady supply of dairy bi-products from eastern Melbourne to provide a highly nutritious food source for the pigs and reduce waste. And the decision to invest in a biogas system not only drives down energy costs by converting effluent into electricity and heating, but it also destroys up to 80% of odour emitted from the farm, keeping nearby council, neighbours and staff happy.

As a member of the Australian Pork Emerging Leaders group and as a committee member of the Victorian Farmers Federation, there are huge career opportunities for younger people if they look close enough. Rob believes that it’s an exciting time to work in Agriculture as farming practices evolve rapidly to keep up with the world around it.