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How to Stir-Fry Pork

When it comes to stir-frying strips, diced pork or mince the best method is cooking at a high heat for 2-3 minutes until light brown.


  • Have all your ingredients chopped prior to commencing cooking
  • Ensure all ingredients are roughly equal in size to ensure cooking is even
  • Add the ingredients that take longer to cook first such as onions, celery and carrots
  • When cutting meat for stir fry, always cut meat across the grain
  • Always have your wok nice and hot, you should be able to see a heat haze when it is ready to go.  Try not to burn the oil as this may affect the taste of the meat
  • Cook in small batches (200g) to keep the heat in your wok.

Ideal cuts for Stir-fry

  • Fillet
  • Loin
  • Leg
  • Diced
  • Strips

Recipe Ideas: