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The Greatest Gift you can give an Aussie pig farmer this year is to buy Australian.

While many people enjoy ham at Christmas, most are unaware that the majority of ham sold in this country is made from imported pork, affecting the livelihood of our Aussie pig farmers.

When you buy a ham made from Australian Pork this Christmas, you’ll be helping to support Aussie farmers and their families.

When it comes to ham, if it’s on the bone, then it’s one of our own. However, if you’re buying a boneless or sliced ham, look for an almost full bar chart on the packaging to be sure your ham is made from 100% Australian pork.

This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate the quality 100% Australian hams that are available, Check out the winners of our Australian PorkMark Ham Awards HERE.

Get behind our Aussie farmers this December!

Make a stand for our local produce and for our community by taking the Aussie ham oath and pledging your commitment to back our farmers this Christmas.


Film yourself taking this oath and share the video on social media, or repost one, and use the hashtag #TheGreatestGift and you could have the chance to win one of five winning Aussie full leg hams! Terms & Conditions.

Christmas is a busy and sometimes stressful time, but by choosing an Aussie ham this year, you’ll be giving our Aussie farmers the greatest gift you can as well as providing your family with a satisfying festive feast.