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Think H.A.M. this Christmas

This year we’re making it easy for you to guarantee your Christmas ham is made from Australian pork. Just think H.A.M.

Has it got a bone?

If your ham has a bone, it’s one of our own! Due to our strict biosecurity laws in Australia, no bones are able to be imported, so bone-in ham is guaranteed to be made from Australian pork. Scroll down to see how to perfectly carve around the bone.



Ask your butcher

They’ll know for sure in store. Need help finding a local butcher that uses 100% Australian pork in their hams? Send us an email here




Made in Oz?

Unfortunately, the green and gold kangaroo on a country of origin label isn’t a guarantee that the ham is made from Australian pork. It simply shows the ham was processed in Australia. Check the bar chart under the kangaroo – if the bar chart is almost full or the statement says ‘over 90% Australian ingredients, then your ham is made using Aussie pork. Click here for help reading the label.

How to carve your Australian ham

Place ham rind side up. Then run a small sharp knife under the rind around the bottom (opposite end to hock) and each side of the ham to about halfway up. Peel the rind back.

Run the tip of the knife around the bone, on the underside of the ham. Begin to slice on a slight angle down to the bone.

Run your knife length-ways along the bone to remove slices. Continue to slice towards the hock.

Continue slicing down to the bone, working your way around the ham until you reach about a third of the way up. Remove the bone by making a few short cuts at the joint.

To keep your ham fresh, fold rind back over exposed surface, place in a ham bag, pillowcase or wrap in a tea towel and store in the fridge.

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