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Why Choose Australian Ham and Bacon

The majority of ham and bacon sold in Australia is made using imported pork.


Any fresh, raw pork sold in Australia is proudly 100% Australian pork. However, the majority of the ham and bacon sold in Australian supermarkets is made from imported pork.

Any pork imported into Australia must be cooked to government defined, high temperatures for set periods of time, prior to being sold. This protects our pig herd from diseases we don’t have in Australia. Once the heating process has taken place, this imported pork is only allowed to be used in processed pork products.

Most Australians have no idea about the origin of the pork used in their ham, bacon and smallgoods. But it only takes a few simple steps to ensure you’re choosing ham and bacon made using Australian pork. By doing this, you’re supporting our farmers and enjoying fresh, great tasting Aussie ham and bacon!

Support our farmers.

Australian pork farming has some of the highest standards in the world for animal welfare, safety, environmental protection and food quality.

The Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ✓®) are a set of standards for Australian pig farmers that demonstrate they are responsible farmers. APIQ✓® accredited farmers care for their animals, the environment and their customers, by following safe and sustainable practices. Today, more than 90 per cent of the Australian pig herd is raised under APIQ✓® standards.

By choosing products made using Australian pork, you’re supporting our Aussie pig industry, including our farmers and the entire supply chain. There are pork farms within every state in Australia.

It can be hard to find ham and bacon using Australian pork. Find out how to choose the freshest, tastiest pork products