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Why summer doesn’t have to mean the end of the slow-cooker.


Why summer doesn’t have to mean the end of the slow-cooker.

The slow-cooker is synonymous with winter and those chilly evenings when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with something hot and delicious. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely agree – there’s nothing better than firing it up for the first time when winter has well and truly set in. And even though we’re just as excited to get the BBQ cranking now that the balmier evenings are upon us, we reckon the slow-cooker still deserves to stay firmly put in the kitchen. Hear us out…

The warmer the weather gets, the more reason there is to be spending time outdoors, with friends and family and put simply, just doing the things we love… It’s been a tough year! So the easier that meal prep is, the more time we’ll have on our hands.

Picture this, pork chops quickly browned, added to the slow-cooker with plenty of fresh vege and whatever spices your heart desires, turned on low and left for the day (if you’re working from home still, you’ll have the added bonus of the smells wafting through the house building up the anticipation for dinner). Fast forward to when you’ve just come off the beach from an early evening dip, you’ve got a beautiful meal ready to go. We’d suggest a crisp rocket salad and some crusty bread on the side for the perfect al fresco summer eve meal. Have we got you convinced?

One of our favourite loin chop slow-cooker recipes

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